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Scarify a Lawn

Is your lawn spongy to walk on, yellow in colour and difficult to mow?  These symptoms might indicate it would benefit from scarifying. 

What is Scarifying and why should I have it done?

Scarification is a mechanical process which removes old dead grass, moss, thatch and debris from your lawn.  Moss is a major problem in Crieff and Comrie. It can be removed to give you a much healthier lawn.  Scarifying the lawn to remove the moss and other organic debris will make your mowing much easier,  with less waste being collected, so less trips to the compost heap. This is itself a fantastic long term benefits to the health of your grass and to you, as you will find your weekly mow is much quicker, easier and more enjoyable. 

So whats the process?

About two weeks before scarifying , we treat the lawn with a moss killer - actually we use a moss killer and lawn tonic in one, just to help with the recovery process.  For a really mossy lawn we would recommend applying a moss killer after scarifying or an application later in the year.  This just depends on the scale of the problem. This will kill any remaining moss and stop the spores from recolonising immediately after scarifying.

Have you had somebody else scarify and the moss came back even worse?  Did they kill the moss? 

Next comes the mechanical process - raking down to the top of the soil and sometimes even deeper.  We repeat this until the moss is gone.

We then overseed to make sure it is grass that grows in the bare patches followed by lightly top dressing to cover the seed and give it the best opportunity to germinate.

Finally we tackle the reason the moss was there in the first place., and there are lots of possible reasons:

  • shade

  • acidic soil

  • poor nutrient holding ability

  • lack of key nutrients

  • bad drainage

  • poor cutting habits.

Correcting all of these problems and keeping them under control will result in a better looking lawn far into the future.

Moss and thatch scarifying Crieff.jpg

BCH Gardens offers deep scarification to really clear a thick thatch from your turf.  We can also offer a lighter more gentle scarification service to ‘rake’ through your lawn.  We recommend a lawn assessment to decide which is best for your grass, and what offers you the best result.  It can be well worth considering other services when scarifying as it will help your lawn recover more quickly and can pretreat many other lawn disease and weed problems. 


If you think your garden lawn needs scarified call to arrange a no obligation assessment and estimate.