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cores left after aeration

Core Aeration.

Aeration is that special secret sauce that makes all the difference to the health of your lawn. Hollow coring is the one service we recommend all our customers should have every few years.  It can really make a big difference to a lawn especially performed in autum and combined with a winter fertiliser and overseeding.  Some of the many benefits of hollow core aerating a lawn are:-

  1.  Reduces compaction at the soil surface -compaction is when the soil is literally compressed which harms root growth.

  2.  Allows more air in to the soil, and soil organisms, stopping anerobic conditions from developing.

  3.  Allows harmful gases out of the ground - like hydrogen sulphide from anerobic decay.

  4.  Improves drainage, allowing the ground to dry quicker.

  5. Lowers the water level encouraging deeper root growth.

  6.  Makes the surface less suitable for moss and so reduces moss infestation.

  7. Breaks through thatch layers, which can cause disease.

  8. brings soil and soil micro organisms to the surface where they can break down even more thatch and organic matter.

  9. Allows fertiliser, nutrients and soil amendments like granulated Lime to reach deeper layers where they are needed.

  10. Increases disease and drought resistance, because deeper stronger roots make healthier plants.


I think you can see that aerating your lawn offers a large number of benefits!  If you feel your lawn is looking a bit poorly or you just want your grass to look better than your neighbours then this is perhaps something you should consider.   A visit to aerate your lawn is also the perfect opportunity to seek other suggestions and tips or ask the technician for more advice.

Solid Tine Aeration.

If your lawn does not have a compaction or thatch problem then we would advise that you consider solid tine aeration every year.  Solid tine aeration is frequently used on golf courses as it causes less surface disruption to the playing surface, but achieves many of the benefits of core aeration.  

Aeration is one of those techniques that the greenkeeper wants to keep a secret.  Don't believe me?  watch this video for more explanation of the benefits and while you are there you can watch many videos of greenkeeping staff aerating golf courses

When should you aerate your lawn?

You should consider having your lawn aeration performed when the ground is not too dry and not too wet.  Hollow core aeration works best in late summer through to the early autumn when the soil is still warm.    Overseed and fertilise at the same time to really thicken up and refresh a thinning lawn.  Solid tine aeration has a longer window as the ground can be a little harder and drier.  It is possible to aerate through much of the winter and early spring provided the ground is not frozen, or very waterlogged.   


If you think lawn aeration will improve the look of your lawn then please use the form below to arrange a visit.  An estimate and advice is free and we are more than happy to talk to people who want to have a better looking lawn.

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