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Garden Tidy up.

Is there something a bit unsightly in your garden?  A problem you want solved but don't know where to begin? We carry out large clearance jobs during the winter months to give you a whole new look for the spring when you want to enjoy your garden.

  • Woody old shrubs or a tree root to dig out? 

  • Some decking that has gone rotten and needs removed? 

  • A shed to clear and paint or an old green house which has collapsed? 

  • Weeds claimed the veg patch beyond rescue.

  • A rockery that needs replanted. 

These are just some of the jobs we have undertaken as part of what we like to call a garden tidy up.  A garden tidy up is just the term we give to those odd little tasks which are a little bit daunting, or difficult to start, or just need equipment not readily available to the homeowner.

BCH Garden services has the tools and experience to take on these projects for you.  We also have the license to allow us to remove the waste legally from these tasks. Call BCH Garden services for advice and an estimate for any garden clean up project.

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