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Lawn treatments and Lawn care


"I want a lawn like a golf course"

I often hear people say this.  Being honest this is difficult without several thing:-

  • a full time greenkeeper,

  • a £5000 reel mower, 

  • cutting it every single day!

  • regular feeding

  • fungicide applications

  • aeration or deep tining to improve air flow and drainage.


You can still have a fantastic lush green lawn to make you the envy of the neighbourhood.  


Great looking lawns start with proper feeding and that means a well balanced fertiliser.

All lawns need fertilising in order to stay healthy - well wouldn't you if you had a short back and sides for 30 weeks in a row!  Without some fertiliser your grass will start to weaken, weeds will sneak into the turf,  thatch will build up and moss will start to colonise the turf.

Regularly lawn treatment with a good properly choosen fertiliser will lead to stronger thicker grass meaning fewer weeds, less moss, a better colour, and under the right conditions tolerate less frequent mowing.

Lawn fertiliser will  improve the appearance of your lawn and can help your grass to recover from wear and tear, and the effects of harsh conditions - like the weather here in strathearn! 

At BCH Gardens we offer tailor made lawn care programmes to give you a perfect lawn.  We recommend regular feeding every 8-10 weeks through the the growing season, but have lawn care packages to suit every customers needs.  

All our lawn treatment services scale with the size of the lawn,and we are happy to include them with regular lawn mowing as part of a price package, allowing you to spread the cost of lawn care over several weeks making a beautiful green lawn very affordable.  As an approximate example of cost a 75m2 lawn will be about £20 to £25 for a fertiliser application adding only a few pounds to the cost of a weekly mow and about £5 to a fortnightly cut.

  • Spring lawn fertiliser. 

Medium nitrogen, and a little P and K to kick off growth and make sure the grass has everything it needs when the warmth of spring arrives.

  • Summer lawn fertiliser. 

Slow release nitrogen to keep the turf thick and the growth rates low.  A little sulpher to make the colour a little deeper.

  • Autumn grass fertiliser. 

Low nitrogen and high K for good plant health.  Little bit of Iron to harden plants for the winter

  • Winter lawn fertiliser.

Supply valuable winter nutrients to improve health and encourage good recovery in the spring.

Weed feed and moss Killer.

If you feel that all you need is a little boost in the early part of the year, then this might be an option for you.  Supplies a little eackh of the main nutrients, has a low level herbicide able to kill weed seedlings in the turf and impact moss.

Organic Lawn care. 

We can supply and apply an organic fertiliser.  Should you prefer this option, then we would recommend several other changes to how you look after your lawn as well.

Ultimate Lawn care.

If you are looking for a premium lawn care package then we suggest a full soil analysis with recommendations to target all your lawns nutrient requirements, which will include pH adjustment if needed.  This is the gold standard and can actually save you money, by measuring exactly what is needed, rather than applying a general purpose fertiliser.  If you have a large lawn then we would recommend a full soil analysis as part of an appropriate cost savings

If you feel your lawn is starting to look like it has had better days

and would benefit from a little TLC, then contact us to arrange

a no obligation assessment and some advice on how you can

have lush green grass

Lawn Improvement and repair.

Many common lawn problems can often be corrected by good fertilisation and some other techniques such as hollow core aeration or scarifying to remove a disease causing thatch layer

The most common problems we encounter in Comrie and Crieff:-

  • Weeds in a Lawn - often tell us about other problems

  • Brown marks

  • bare patches

  • dead spots

  • disease

  • unsightly patches

We can solve all of these lawn problems.  If an unsightly lawn is bothering you or stopping you enjoy your garden then please call your local lawn care experts and let us advise you on how to treat your lawn.

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