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Lawn Improvment and Repair

There are many common problems we encounter in Comrie and Crieff:-

  • Weeds in a Lawn - often tell us about other problems

  • Brown marks

  • bare patches

  • dead spots

  • disease

  • unsightly patches

We can solve all of these lawn problems, but the biggest issue we see is moss!

Moss and  thatch lead to, spongy difficult to cut and yellow discoloured lawns.  Moss is an indication that things aren't quite right with our lawns.

Starting by testing if the ground is suitable for grass to grow - often a great cost saving step as we then only apply the correct nutrients saving unnecessary fertiliser.  Far more effective than using a general fertiliser or 'weed and feed' type treatment. 

When gathering our test samples we see a cross section of your lawn turf which highlights problems such as thatch, drainage and aeration in the lawn, allowing us to correctly advise drainage improvements such as hollow core aeration or scarification.  As you can see it takes a longer time but can produce fantastic improvements giving you a beautiful lawn that you can enjoy.  

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