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Hedge and shrub Trimming

Are you looking for somebody to help you with cutting your hedges in Strathearn?


Hedges are an important part of the garden landscape.  At BCH Gardens we use our experience to cut your hedges leaving a high quality finish to complement the other parts of your garden. 


We can cut and trim many types of hedges, including leylandii, beech and laurel. 


Few people realise that gardeners are legal required to avoid cutting hedges when birds are nesting - it is an offence under the wildlife and countryside act to disturb a bird nesting.  To avoid this important legal and environmental issue, we typically carry out all our hedge maintenance work in late summer or early autumn.  This is often the best time to cut a hedge anyway, - at the end of its growing season with a little recovery time before the harshness of winter.  The exception to this is a very formal hedge which might require two maintenance cuts per year. 


We have the latest and best equipment available, and can use it to safely and expertly give you the best all round hedge cutting result.  If you have tall hedges, we can use long reach hedge cutters and arborist ladders to safely cut hedges up to around 4 meters in height.  Contact us to talk about your hedge maintenance needs or to arrange an estimate.

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