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"Do you need help with your garden?"

Individually tailored solutions to your garden maintenance needs.

Reliable service

Choose how frequently we visit to maintain your garden, giving you the best balance of affordability and appearance.  Weekly, fortnightly or occasional gardening.

Quality equipment

Save money on gardening equipment, fuel to run it and space to store it.  Have our professional team complete your gardening jobs for you!

No waste

Save further on the time, cost and mess of disposing of left over garden waste.  Fully licensed waste removal can be part of your service.

Every garden is different. Everyone has their own expectation for their garden


That is why we tailor our work to suit what you want. 

To do this we need to meet you, talk about your garden and understand what you want.

This is how we learn whats involved, to understand the challenges your garden presents and to provide you with a bespoke solution that gives you the best looking garden possible. 


We do this by taking the time to meet you, talk to you and listen to what you want, finally BCH Gardens will email a no obligations estimate for the work you want done.  Take your chance to schedule a visit and see what we can do to improve or maintain your garden.

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