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I often hear people say "I want a lawn like a golf course"  and being honest this is not possible without having a full time greenkeeper, a £5000 reel mower, and cutting it every single day! But you can have a fantastic looking lawn. 


Great looking lawns start with proper feeding and that means a well balanced fertiliser.  All lawns need some feeding or fertilising in order to stay in a healthy condition - well wouldn'[t you if you had a short back and sides for 25 weeks in a row!.  Without some feeding your garden lawn might start to suffer from wear and tear and require renovation which can be very expensive.

A regularly fertilised lawn will have fewer weeds, less moss, a better colour, and under the right conditions tolerate less frequent mowing. Lawn fertiliser not only improve the appearance of your lawn but it can help your grass to recover from wear and tear and the effects of any harsh weather conditions. Keeping your turf well fertilised can stop your lawn from becoming patchy and thin which can make the grass more susceptible to moss and weeds. 

At BCH Gardens we offer tailor made lawn care programmes to give you a perfect lawn.  We recommend regular feeding every 8-10 weeks through the the growing season, but have lawn care packages to suit every customer.

Our most popular lawn treatment is a spring summer and autumn feed with application of a moss treatment in the winter.  We are equally happy to apply a 4 in 1 lawn feed with weed and moss control.

If you are looking for a premium lawn care package the we suggest a full soil analysis with recommendations to target your lawns nutrient requirements, which will include pH adjustment if needed.

Safety When Applying Fertiliser Applications

Fertiliser treatments are applied using accurate application equipment. Precautions are always taken when completing fertiliser applications to ensure that no harm is caused to pets, humans and the environment.

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